Helping Companies Contribute to People and the Environment

NEXTGEN wholeheartedly supports corporate conscience initiatives towards an agenda of grass root development to create sustainable solutions for rural areas.

Many of NEXTGEN’s products are fitting interventions for organizations that are keen to donate or install renewable energy systems in rural areas as part of their corporate social responsibility.

We are happy to lend our support as you take steps to bring about a change in the quality of people’s lives in India’s villages.

As the global demand for power rises, fossil fuels dwindle and climate change looms large in our not so distant futures, it is more important than ever before to harness alternate sources of energy generation.

Solar power offers many advantages over fossil fuels, from renewability and cleanliness to reliability and independence.

Over time, solar energy has the potential to allow individuals, communities and countries to become less dependent on fossil fuels and therefore less vulnerable to the financial and geopolitical risks involved in accessing them.

In remote areas with underdeveloped infrastructure and minimal access to electricity, solar energy plays an even greater role in meeting the power needs of communities not connected to an electric grid. Solar powered pumps can be used to generate clean drinking water and provide irrigation for millions of people in rural areas. Solar lighting allows rural families to extend their workday into the evening hours. Solar Street Lighting helps promote local enterprises and boost economic activity as small shops and village markets can remain open and operate until much later in the day. Similarly, Solar lanterns can help improve literacy and safeguard eyesight by making it easier for people to read after dark and mitigate the health effects of noxious fumes from kerosene lamps in poorly ventilated homes.