Owner Engineers

Owner Engineers Consulting and Project Management

Consulting and Owner Engineers Services for Photovoltaic Power Plants and Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing Units

With the depletion of fossil fuel reserves and increasing concern over global warming and environmental pollution, the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) industry has evolved to become a significant source of renewable energy generation. The demand for Solar Electric Energy has grown by an average of 30% annually over the last 20 years and a remarkable 80% since 2006 with photovoltaics being used on rooftops and in open fields across Europe, North America and Asia. As the scale of Solar PV deployment grows, so does the complexity of technology and the financial programs required to execute these large-scale projects.

With technical expertise and integrated industry experience in the renewable energies sector, NEXTGEN provides comprehensive Owner Engineers and Consulting services for the development and realization of PV Power Plants and PV Module Manufacturing Units. As Owners Engineers, NEXTGEN represents PV system owners and solar developers at every stage of a project – offering complete tested solutions and project oversight from concept through engineering to commissioning and beyond, to deliver technically sound and financially viable solar power systems that remain robust for their expected lifetimes.

As Owners Engineers, our services include:


Consulting and Project Development

Site Review and Evaluation
  • Support in site selection
  • Evaluating site / existing infrastructure for feasibility of proposed installation
  • Potential impact of environmental factors on system construction and operation - solar resource, topography / shading, site / soil condition, proximity of sources of water and fuel
  • Other technical and socio-economic parameters - environmental clearances, availability of land, availability of power, transport logistics etc.
Technology and Market

Feasibility study and detailed Techno-Commercial Project Report (DTCPR) based on:

  • Market overview – allocation, leaders, newcomers, developments
  • Market entry strategies
  • Demand, cost and risk analysis
  • Technology / product selection, sourcing options, plant and process configuration
Financial Modeling
  • Preliminary project cost estimates, profitability calculations, IRR (Internal rate of return)
  • Financing options
  • Support in developing funding / finance from venture capitalists, private equity investors, term loan agencies etc.
  • Analysis of and support in accessing government subsidies
  • Project finance structure
Procurement and Systems Integration Support
  • Preparing bill of materials
  • Assistance in sourcing raw material / machinery / equipment
  • Pre-tendering for systems and installations
  • Request and review of supplier proposals
  • Optimization of supplier pricing and contracts
Statutory Clearances / Certifications

Management of permission procedure, license(s) for implementation:

  • Statutory clearances and certifications from concerned authorities
  • Product certificates from certifying agencies
  • Advisory and support for registration of project under Silicon Policy of the Government of India
  • Support in timing / scheduling / sequencing
  • Typical project timeline based on benchmark data
  • Project scheduling with milestones

Engineering and Construction Management

Project Design
  • PV Array Layout
  • System Design
  • Simulation
  • Logistics
Construction Management
  • On-site construction monitoring
  • On-site interpretation of engineering drawings
  • Establishing field quality systems and safety procedures
  • On-site troubleshooting for engineering related issues
  • Project coordination and reporting
  • System supplier / key subcontractor management
  • Scheduling and controlling
  • Technical assistance on claims, approvals, penalties, delays etc.
Site Inspection

Visit site to:

  • Verify as-built installation
  • Evaluate workmanship
  • Verify permit compliance
  • Verify schedule conformance
Quality Control
  • Incoming equipment / raw material inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspections of all machinery at supplier’s facility
  • Inspection during installation
  • Pre start-up quality checks

Monitoring project progress in accordance with pre-determined timelines


Controlling project, construction and operation costs


Commissioning and Operational Support

Performance Testing and Commissioning Support
  • Preparation and review of testing / commissioning procedures
  • Perform or witness system testing for performance capacity of major equipment and systems
  • Technical assistance for performance guarantee testing
  • Operating support – monitoring commercial operation / manufacturing process
  • Recruiting / training of experienced personnel
  • Setting up Management Information Systems (MIS) for efficient management decisions
  • Marketing assistance, facilitating contact with global buyers – for manufacturing units of PV Modules
  • Assistance in sourcing raw materials / consumables for production, optimization of supplier pricing and contracts
  • System monitoring
  • Route cause analysis and corrective actions in case of deviation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • System maintenance on-call and on-site
  • Training for maintenance